Toliss Cockpit Texture Replacement


INSTALLATION Please Backup first your OBJECTS Files inside /Objects Folder -Just Drag the new Objects inside your Objects Folder of the 319 Toliss Aircraft and replace. Plugin Install (Fix Shadows angle for Toliss) -Drag the "Totedemac" folder inside your Toliss/plugins folder. This V4 includes some of these -AO shaders -New materials -Normal Maps tweaking -New shadow angle fix for Toliss -Panel Colors -Knobs -Nightlight -PBR tweaks -more... Enjoy it And dont forget to have some nice Nose views, this new glareshield is so nice to watch specially in cruise. If you want to Donate something, specially since i found out im gonna be a daddy! haha. i will really appreciate it ???? Cockpit decals are backwards in First Officer section, this is due UV Texture mapping , sorry. Backlight on Knobs isnt animated but this is an issue only with a Cold and Dark cockpit, not usual on these days though.

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ToliSS A319 in action


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