B737-800X (ZIBO mod)


B737-800X ZIBO mod SYSTEMS: - autopilot modes: LVL CHG, VNAV, LNAV, HDG, VOR/LOC, APP, ALT HLD, VS, IAN, AUTOLAND - autothrottle modes: N1, SPEED, TAKEOFF, A/P GA, F/D GA - IRS systems modes: OFF, ALLIGN, NAV, ATT - anti-ice: engines and wings - air bleed: ENG1, ENG2, APU, LPACK, RPACK, ISOLATION VALVE - windows heat for every window (L/R windshield, L/R side window) with simply windshield effects (rain, freeze) - hydraulic systems: hyd A, hyd B, Standby hyd and pumps (hydr and elec) - autobrakes modes: RTO, 1, 2, 3, MAX - speedbrakes system with logic after RTO and landing - engine starter modes: GRD, AUTO, CNT, FLT - engine idle rpm N1 logic: ground, flight and approach - automatic crossover altitude - gear leveler position Down, Up, Off and emergency landing gear leveler (behind first officer on the floor) - APU start with stabilize and shutdown with cooling cycle - pressurisation system - modes: AUTO, ALTN, MAN - electric systems with buses: AC/DC ,AC/DC Standby - TCAS - FMC for captain and first officer (still in development) - ISDF PFD and MCP - flaps and landing gear retract speed limits - Vmo and Mmo speed limits - annunciates with rectangle for engaged pitch, roll and speed modes - add annunciates ARM, N1, RETARD, FLARE, VNAV PTH, VNAV ALT, VNAV SPD, SINGLE CH, LAND3 - flashing "8" on MCP speed, if MCP speed dial is above flaps, landing gear or Vmo speed limits - flashing "A" on MCP speed, if MCP speed dial is under minimal maneuver flaps speed limit ND (independent for captain and first officer) - real size navaids, fixes, airports and waypoints - VNAV vertical path indicator - waypoits: T/C, T/D, DECEL - EFIS DATA for waypoints - mod legs and missed approach legs - reference and destination runways - weather radar (limited for one ND at same time) EICAS - add lower display unit: engine, systems - add side by side fuel gauges SIM COCKPIT BUILDER - list of custom commands (B738_Commands.txt) - list of custom datarefs (B738_Datarefs.txt) SOUND FMOD 5.1 sounds by AudioBirdXP (include full package)

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