Airworthy Designs Releases Saba & St Barts

07 May, 2019

Airworthy Designs proudly presents the second part of the Princess of the Caribbean scenery package this time covering the isles of Saba and St. Barts

Fly the hardest commercial approaches in the world at the highest detail possible thanks to the new PBR technology introduced in Xplane 11


  • Extremely optimized for FPS and performance (multiple LOD and correct texel density across the project)
  • 100% PBR assets
  • Extensive use of photogrammetry in the creation of 3d assets
  • Developed with on-site photography
  • 50cm ortho plus hand crafted ground textures to increase the detail on the airport nearby areas
  • Modified mesh using topographical charts and photographic references
  • Alpha blended  tropical water textures
  • Detailed night lighting
  • Hundreds of hand placed objects

Available at the X-Plane Org store here